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My sketches sometimes turn into the starting point for most of my larger projects. This page will house just that. I can't guarantee that any of them will actually be successful but there is something satisfying about the pursuit of an idea.

An exhibition in the making

The premise is based on a Yoruba proverb that translates to english as "In the land of the blind, the one eyed man is king" 

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Group show with Ramon Shitta + Stacey Okparavero


The theme for this exhibition centers around the release of trapped emotions through art. The pieces I selected come from a period of intense reflection I had in Chicago in 2016

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Funny or tragically enough, the most trivial things lead me to have a full blown existential crisis almost everyday. Though they last a while, I try to summarize the jist in 1 minute or less. This is an ongoing series on my YouTube channel.


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All of the lights

I have recently taken an interest in modern light shades that look like cages. After spending some time at Little Unicoco in Chicago, I thought about making light shades that remind me of walking through a Lagos market. 

Going to Chicago this time my heart was heavy because I was going to tackle issues that have weighed me down for a while

Throughout the trip, my mother always ended of our phone conversations with Surah Al Ikhlas. I came to associate that verse with comfort while facing the unknown

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21st Century opon ifa

21st Century Ọpọn Ifá explores the similarities between the ọpọn Ifá and the smart phone. They are both communication and recording tools that work with the unseen. The only difference is that the ọpọn Ifá was not user friendly and there was a need for a translator to communicate with the unseen.